The Subtleties of Nature

Sitting at my desk I hear a Cape Robin Chat singing in my White Karee tree, then a rustle in the grass outside, I get up to look as one does not take chances living on a farm with no-one else about. Sure as nuts there are three eland literally outside my front door. As I scan the grassland to the forest edge I see more making good use of the camouflage in the dry reed beds. Eland ghost around the veld covering large distances in search of suitable browsing. Then one of our wildebeest herds, accompanied by a large flock of Cattle Egrets, charge past on the way to the dam. Water being of a premium here. Nothing subtle about them especially those with babies. As I am standing still at my door another phenomena takes place. Birds sometimes move around in feeding groups and now a female African Paradise Flycatcher lands close by, since the end of their breeding cycle they have gone silent and in fact I thought they had migrated already. Then the Cape Bulbul, Cape Batis, Swee Waxbills, Southern Double Collared Sunbirds and Cape White Eyes are all around. Last night a dusk a Rufous Chested Sparrowhawk was hawking the Cape Sparrows who have a nest nearby and sometime during the night our resident Porcupine raided my veggie patch. Seems I am growing veggies for his benefit alone. What is not to love about nature ?